Hollywood Movie Events in Los Angeles Sept. 7-13, 2012

The Busby Berkeley extravaganza “The Gang’s All Here” (which includes the famous Carmen Miranda “tutti frutti” number) will screen at the Cinefamily

Hollywood Movie Events in Los Angeles Sept. 7-13, 2012

Film Screenings in Hollywood This Week

Hollywood movie events in Los Angeles this week include a tribute to Jerry Lewis by the Academy; a not-to-be-missed Busby Berkeley film that includes Carmen Miranda’s famous “tutti-fruity” performance; a star on the Hollywood Walk of Famefor Walter Koenig (“Chekhov” in the Star Trek films); a Julia Child-themed evening honoring the late Nora Ephron; and so much more!

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Special Effects Wizard Doug Trumbull’s Best Films

Special Effects Wizard Doug Trumbull’s Best Films

The Visual Effects Society presented the George Melies Award to Doug Trumbull this year at its annual pre-Oscars ceremony.  The award recognizes the special effects wizard’s “artistry, invention and groundbreaking work” in the movies.

In his acceptance speech, Trumbull said, “We are the most important players in the movie industry today.” Whether true or not, there is no question that Trumbull is one of the most important masters of special effects.

His contributions to movie history are incomparable. Here are his best pictures. – read more –


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