Hollywood Landmarks: The Major Movie Studios and 100 Years of Film

The entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hollywood Landmarks:

The Major Movie Studios and 100 Years of Film

Major motion picture studios dominated the filmmaking landscape in Hollywood and the world for many years. It all started in 1912, so it’s fair to say a happy birthday this year to the Hollywood we’ve known for 100 years. Here is a short description of how and where it all began.  – please click here to read more –


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Hollywood Landmarks: Hollywood and Vine

The film-themed Hollywood and Vine subway station on the Red Line has the most elaborate design of any Metro station.

The intersection of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles so embodies the myth of the Hollywood Dream, some believe the surrounding buildings are haunted by ghosts of Hollywood’s past. Over the years it has been home to a number of iconic landmarks, including restaurants, theaters and production studios in which many of our most beloved movies, radio and TV shows were created and aired.

Originally purchased by Horace H. Wilcox and subdivided in 1887, he named the main thoroughfare Prospect Avenue and the cross-street Weyse Avenue. Prospect was soon renamed Hollywood Boulevard and Weyse became Vine Street, more commonly known today as the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine.

It was a large lemon grove in 1903 with only a church building on it, until the early 1920s. In the early years of silent movies, entrepreneurs such as Mack Sennett and Charlie Chaplin used it as an outdoor backlot for their films. Others movie-makers found it the perfect wide-open, rural area to shoot westerns and chase scenes.

It didn’t take long for Hollywood and Vine to become – read more –


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