“The Walking Dead” – Hooked on Zombies

The first show of the second season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”   reveals a strangely compelling zombie-infested apocalypse. I can’t stop watching!

I stumbled came across this show last season and at first, I groaned out loud. I usually avoid zombie movies like the plague, but I couldn’t resist this one. I remember glancing over at my TV screen and seeing a police officer, played by Andrew Lincoln, walking alone under a hot sun. He came across a torso desperately crawling across a vast field littered with abandoned cars. Tendrils of internal organs hung from the thing’s waist. I couldn’t help but stop and watch with my mouth wide open, the graphics were that good. Thankfully our officer pulled out his gun and put the poor thing out its misery.

In the first season, after dispensing with the weird torso under a hot sun at high noon, our Officer joined up with a small group of what seemed to be the last few humans left in a world gone mad. They clung to each other throughout the season, desperate to stay alive as they searched around for other non-zombies, silently questioning their existential existence. It was must-watch TV.

Last night, I glanced over at my television again and saw a familiar, eerie-looking human creature with half its face missing chomping on human flesh. The second season of “The Walking Dead” had begun. I saw the – read more –


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