Radio Topics: 1) Glen Campbell & Alzheimer’s, 2) Free Speech & Tracy Morgan, John Galliano, SW Airlines Pilot

The Mary & Tracy Show: Commentary on Current Events

by Mary Tracy Show

Topics we discussed on this show:

 1) Glen Campbell and Alzheimer’s disease:

 Reports are swirling that he will continue his tour.  Will he be able to put a face to the tragedy so many are suffering from these days?  Also, don’t forget about the caretakers!

 2) Freedom of Speech:  Did Tracy Morgan, John Galliano and the Southwest Airlines pilot go too far?

 Tracy Morgan, John Galliano of the House of Dior, and a Southwest Airlines pilot ranted against gays, Jews and women, respectively, this week.  Are we being too politically correct about it?  Should these ranters face criminal charges, as John Galliano is as he undergoes a trial in France for his diatribe against a Jewish couple having tea near his apartment.    


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