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Mary is an “over-50” woman, living in the suburbs northeast of Los Angeles.  She graduated from Glendale schools, and proudly obtained a JD degree from Loyola Law School, a BA from California State University, Northridge with a major in History, and an AA degree from Glendale Community College.  She is the first in her family to graduate from college.

Mary has worked as a lawyer, public servant and trial attorney with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for ten years, and as a civil rights attorney.  She is a current member in good standing of the California State Bar, Lic. #207598.   She has also worked in the private sector as an office manager and finance administrator for many years, as well as a small-business entrepreneur and computer consultant.

She has been married for over 30 years to the love of her life, the immensely talented and charming Jim Reed, and has two adult children, Brian and Katy.  She also has been lucky to be adopted by a dog named Stella, or as we affectionately call her, the “amazing half dog- half alien being.”

Mary has published articles in newspapers and on the internet.  She is currently writing a romance novel with her sister Tracy, and an action/adventure novel of her own.  She also has a radio show on the internet, “The Mary and Tracy Show,” with her sister, and regular co-host and guest (and mother) Noreen Brown, on BlogTalkRadio.  The show is currently focusing on “Important People” to help us broaden our knowledge of the world around us, as we comment on current and past events.

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  1. Update! (because someone told me I should do this, but I’m too lazy to change the whole post).

    I started writing news articles for Yahoo! just to see where it would take me. I began a couple on Kate and her prince because that was the big story of the day. It got a HUGE response, which floored me.

    So then I wrote what I know about, politics and news because as an attorney those are the kinds of stories I followed to keep up on the latest, and because I am a news junkie. I confess! I got a great response from those articles but unfortunately there’s a lot of batshit crazy people out there, some of whom wanted to hurt me because I didn’t agree with them (Gun nuts mainly). So I thought, do I need this? No.

    Onward I went to find my muse, and I began to write articles on my town and the city of Los Angeles, mainly because of one article I wrote on the 4th of July that got off the chart responses. (t/y! to everyone btw!). Also, I realized I loved my town, and I began to re-explore L.A.

    That’s when I had an epiphany. I’m a movie junkie! I love everything about the movies. Not just the movies, the stars, the directors and all that fun stuff. I also LOVED the old buildings around L.A. and their connection to old and new Hollywood. I love the famous venues are still going strong, like Grauman’s Chinese with their red carpet premieres and the Egyptian with its historic courtyard and fantastic weekly fare. I discovered Quentin Tarantino’s creative way to bring the community together by showing vintage films with well-known filmmakers dropping in for the fun at the New Beverly Cinema. I found out the Cinefamily has the most creative agenda of films, day in and day out, week after week. SO much fun! I follow the business part of the industry too, and love the old studios are still around though they’ve changed hands and had to diversify. Its all good! I follow the L.A. Conservatory on old Hollywood homes that go up for sale in Bevery Hills and well, you get the idea. I’m a Hollywood nut!

    So, now I write 4 regular beats a week: One on Hollywood movie events around town, one on viewer reactions on Opening Night to hot new movies, one on Hollywood Landmarks and the Hollywood Studio Report, and one I’m just getting started with on all the fun things happening around town leading up the Academy Awards.

    Again the response has been terrific. THANK YOU everyone who wanders by or reads my blog. I’m putting together a wonderful portfolio of articles and having a great time. Thank you for acknowledging my existence and liking my articles. You’ll never know how much I appreciate every single one of you.



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