Let “The Hunger Games” Begin: Jennifer Lawrence to the Rescue

Jennifer Lawrence, before she darkened her hair to play Katniss Everdeen, the lead role in "The Hunger Games" from Lionsgate.

Let “The Hunger Games” Begin: Jennifer Lawrence to the Rescue

When anybody hears about the movie “The Hunger Games” these days, inevitably someone mentions breakout star Jennifer Lawrence. The daring young woman is not only in a demanding lead role in the film, she is almost single-handedly taking on the entire action-adventure industry after the recent demise of Disney’s “John Carter” (2012).

The stakes are high for studio, Lionsgate Entertainment, as well. One might rightfully ask, who is this girl and why have they put so much trust in her? Why is she getting so much attention leading up to what promises to be a blockbuster weekend for this movie? Here is a short bio of the very worthy, talented lead actor in the new sci-fi fantasy flick “The Hunger Games,” Jennifer Lawrence. – read more –


This full article “Let ‘The Hunger Games Begin’: Jennifer Lawrence to the Rescue” is published on Yahoo! Movies at this link:



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