Topics: 1) JLo’s divorce, 2) Free birth control for all?, 3) Sugar! 4) Celebs in the news, 5) Drew Doughty, L.A. Kings

The Mary & Tracy Show: Commentary on Current Events

by Mary Tracy Show

Topics we discussed on this show:

1) Jlo’s Divorce

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Antony are divorcing after seven years of marriage.  No one knows the reason why, but rumors are he wanted her to dress more matronly.  Yes, because apparently he was unaware she’s a huge sex symbol.  

2) Free Birth Control for All?

A group of Doctors are recommending birth control for all in health care coverage.  Since Viagra is covered, why not this?  What are the pros and cons?  

3) Sugar!

A new report indicates simple sugar may help speed heart attack recovery.   Any news that says sugar is good for you attracts our attention!  We segue into a great discussion of sugar substitutes such as agave,  stevia, aspartame and others.  Which one is best?

4) Celebs in the news

Britney Spears‘ bodyguard is suing her for being too smelly and messy.  Lindsay Lohan can’t afford psychological testing.  Tiger Wood fired his long-time caddy.  These celebs can’t stay out of the news!

5)  Drew Doughty, L.A. Kings Hockey Team

The big news in hockey right now is Drew Doughty has become an unrestricted free agent.  Will he re-sign with the Kings or go elsewhere?  We make predictions!


 Join Mary & Tracy and our co-host Noreen for lively conversation each week on the current events and news of the day in our “Commentary on Current Events” series. We have an opinion on everything! 

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