My Article on why Rupert Murdoch is important in the U.S. – on Yahoo News

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive O...

I have a new article published by Yahoo! News on Rupert Murdoch

“Why Rupert Murdoch is Important in the U.S.”

Please click this link to read the article:

Thank you!


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  1. Here’s the latest news on this scandal:
    1) The reporter who originally broke the phone hacking story has been found dead in his home. Police say there’s nothing suspicious about it. (Yeah, sure, we believe them! Not).
    2) The head of Scotland Yard has resigned.
    3) The head of the Wall Street Journal has resigned.
    4) Murdoch’s #2 Rebecca Brooks has been arrested (and resigned).
    5) The Chief Spokesman for the Prime Minister of England, named Coulson, who was a previous editor for Murdoch’s newspapers, has been arrested (and resigned).
    6) The Chief Spokesman for Scotland Yard, named Wallis, who was a previous editor for Murdoch’s newspapers, has been arrested (and resigned).
    7) Two other police officers in London have resigned.
    8) The Prime Minister of England is out of the country on a junket, can’t be reached. Hmmmm. The word is he’ll cut it short to come home and answer some questions.
    9) The FBI here in the U.S. is investigating bribes to police officers in New York, by Murdoch’s minions, of 9/11 victims’ friends and family members.
    10) Fox News reports they don’t know what all the stink is about, and have provided minimal if any coverage of the story. Meanwhile, they continue to pay Republican politicians and candidates (ex: Sarah Palin) to be on their payroll. I think they have some ‘splaining to do, jmo!

    Stay tuned, I’m sure there is more to come.

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