Radio Topics: 1) Weiner-gate, 2) Newt Gingrich, 3) Abortion Billboard, 4) Les Paul Google Doodle, 5) Men behaving badly

The Mary & Tracy Show: Commentary on Current Events

by Mary Tracy Show

Topics we discussed today:

1) Weiner-gate, 2) Newt Gingrich, 3) Abortion Billboard, 4) Les Paul Google Doodle, 5) Men behaving badly


  1)  “Weiner-gate” – Should Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resign for texting photos of himself in flagrante delicto to various women? Could we, or should we, forgive such behavior?  And why do men think women are so interested in seeing their private parts?

2)  Newt Ginrich – The entire top staff for his Presidential campaign resigned today, breaking news

3) Abortion Billboard – A man paid for a billboard claiming that his ex-girlfriend killed their baby by having an abortion.  He claims Free Speech rights and she claims a Right to Privacy.  Who will prevail?

4) Be sure to check out the new Google Doodle that honors guitarist and inventer Les Paul.  You can pluck the strings, play a tune, and record it for playback.  So much fun!


5)  Men behaving badly:  A woman on Facebook learned that her husband wanted to take a contract out on her life and run away with a teenager.  Unfortunately for him, the teenager turned out to be his wife playing a role online.  Oops!


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  1. Nice Blog with Excellent information

  2. Google gave a permanent home to the Les Paul Google Doodle. Enjoy! …. and

    Here’s the story from the Los Angeles Times:

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