Radio Topics: Chef Rick Bayless; Korean Pop Star Rain

The Mary & Tracy Show: Important People series – #1

by Mary Tracy Show

Topics we discussed today:


–  Rick Bayless, Chef Extraordinaire of fine dining Mexican Cuisine 

Re: his delicious mole:

“When it comes to the mole, the [judges] can’t praise it highly enough, and Jay suggests that they all just make “strange guttural noises” for a few minutes to describe how they felt.”  Source:  TWOP Episode Review:  “Top Chef,” Season 1, Episode 10, FINALE, aired 8/19/09, when Rick Bayless was  announced winner and Master Chef.


–  Rain, Korean Pop Star, Most Influential Person in the World in Time Magazine‘s Reader’s Poll

Rain (Korean Singer) in Bangkok, Thailand.

In regards to this young man, Time Magazine stated,

“The   face of Pop Globalism, i.e., no   longer goes only west to east, it ‘rains on everyone.’” – Source:  Time Magazine Biography of Rain dated April 30, 2006;  see also Time Magazine Photo Essay: RAIN dated April 21, 2011.

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  2. […] Radio Topics: Chef Rick Bayless; Korean Pop Star Rain […]

  3. Thank you Mary and Noreen! I just listened to your show about Rick Bayless and Rain. You’ve got my mouth watering for some good mole! Rain is definitely worth finding out more about. I am non-Asian and from the US, have been a Rain fan for about four years and can say that I have personally felt the influence of Rain. Rain is extremely talented, but it is his personal example that causes people to become devoted fans. Rain has overcome difficulties by working incredibly hard (His mom died when he was 17 because they couldn’t afford medical care; he was rejected in auditions 18 times and told he was too ugly to be a star and should get plastic surgery when he was trying to break into the entertainment industry; he was sued by a US company trying to prevent his entry into the US entertainment industry using the name Rain and this caused him huge losses) Rain has never spoken badly about others even when he was treated unfairly, but just worked to prove himself by doing his very best. Fans have been inspired by this to also strive for excellence. If you want to find out why Rain really has influence, please seek out information about the charities he has supported and the kind of person he is offstage. Thank you for taking an interest in Rain!

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